Product Warranties

It generally goes without saying that new products sold in most retail stores come with some degree of factory warranty. Our store is no different! The Audio Shoppe’ new products and many of our used products are covered by full factory authorized warranties. This is where similarities with many retailers end, however.

In the unfortunate instance that warranty support is needed, will your retailer be there, and how is the problem going to affect you? The last thing that a consumer wants is to be left stranded to work matters out directly with the manufacturer, an independent service center, or an unknown internet entity.

As far as we are concerned, you’ve just spent a substantial amount of hard earned money and your “pain” should be minimal. We handle these warranty occurrences directly and assist our customers with all troubleshooting support and factory liaison efforts. Our factory contacts are like family and we can cut to the heart of the matter better than most. We’ll ensure that warranty support will be executed in the most practical manner possible, including shipping implications. We go “over and above the call of duty” and often even provide “loaner equipment” so that our customers are not without music or theater during the warranty process.

You simply will not find a business that cares more about the well being of our customers. You have our guarantee.



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