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At The Audio Shoppe, we are committed to more than just selling premier products. To achieve optimal performance, even the finest of products require the correct application, proper setup, and a synergistic match for associated equipment and rooms. Most importantly, we address the environments that our products will be used in along with our customers’ objectives.

The Audio Shoppe's services encompass design services, equipment optimization and system “tweaking”, as well as comprehensive programs and policies designed to help our clients identify and realize their ideal dream system without purchase risks commonly found at many audio/video dealers.

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At The Audio Shoppe, we do not believe that audio retail sales service should end at the cash register. Many systems, including stand alone, audio components or systems, require an experienced professional to properly setup the equipment for optimal performance. We’ll deliver your system, as well as set it up, test it, and calibrate the system to ensure perfect performance. Further, we are committed to taking the time to help our clients understand, operate, and maintain their systems.

Consider the following. A speaker’s performance can vary dramatically simply by moving it as little as an inch. A ten to fifteen thousand dollar projector will appear no better than an entry level projector if not properly installed and calibrated in the correct environment.


Electronics’ performance can be affected by how it’s used, setup, or powered. Ideal turntable, tonearm, and associated cartridge setup requires precise attention to detail by an expert with years of setup and calibration experience. An improperly setup turntable will sound ordinary at best and at worst can be extremely unpleasant.

Why trust these critical parameters to anybody?  Let The Audio Shoppe's passionate and experienced, professional experts ensure that your new home system be all that it was designed to be.



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