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At The Audio Shoppe, we know that the purchase of a premier audio or video system is exciting but can also represent a significant investment. Our goal is to make your purchase experience rewarding, stress free and without “buyers remorse”. Our purchase programs will allow you to purchase what you can afford today and allow you to cost effectively trade-up over time as your life circumstances change. Our product warranties and return/exchange policies will ensure that you’ll continue to have support long after your purchase. At the core of our mission is our customers’ satisfaction. A positive purchase and ownership experience is paramount to us and will remain so throughout the life of your system.

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Component Trade-In Program

Anyone who has been a consumer in our industry, particularly on the audio side, will tell you that a great A/V system experience can be incredibly addictive. Once the “bug bites”, customers are often compelled to seek an even more rewarding experience. We’ve all been there!

The Audio Shoppe upgrade program was implemented to address the two primary causes of the affliction we call “upgrade-i-tis”. Generally, it is caused by either 1) limited financial means when getting started, and/or 2) an obsessive compulsion to get even more performance out of one’s system. In either case, the upgrade process can be expensive. Left to his or her own devices, the average consumer is faced with taking huge losses on his original equipment and paying full price for new gear each time he pursues an upgrade. Many turn to the internet for used options or unauthorized re-seller discounts. Unfortunately, these pursuits all too often lead to a negative experience and “horror story”.

What if we were to tell you that you could upgrade a component purchased from us and receive between 80-100 percent of your original purchase price for up to one year after your original purchase date? Not ready in a year? OK, we’ll give you as much as seventy percent of your original purchase up to two years later. We challenge you to do the math. It’s an offer you simply shouldn’t refuse!

Of course there should be more to your purchase than just the costs. Add our service and advice to your savings and your choice is clear!

Trade-In Program

OK, so you have equipment that you’ve purchased elsewhere but really would like to purchase one of our outstanding products or systems. We can help!

Bring us your used equipment and we’ll apply the market value to your new purchase. No, we’re not a pawnshop and will not take just anything, but we do take pride in helping our clients as well as maintaining an inventory of fine used equipment. We’ll ensure that you receive the greatest return possible. Not sure if your equipment has value? Give us a call and we can generally give you a reasonable idea of what your trade-in is worth by phone.

Many of our manufacturers also sponsor and subsidize formal trade-in programs to promote product upgrades and manufacturer loyalty. We applaud and fully support these programs and are also happy to discuss the associated details.

Product Warranties

It generally goes without saying that new products sold in most retail stores come with some degree of factory warranty. Our store is no different! Auravis Systems’ new products and many of our used products are covered by full factory authorized warranties. This is where similarities with many retailers end, however.

In the unfortunate instance that warranty support is needed, will your retailer be there, and how is the problem going to affect you? The last thing that a consumer wants is to be left stranded to work matters out directly with the manufacturer, an independent service center, or an unknown internet entity.

As far as we are concerned, you’ve just spent a substantial amount of hard earned money and your “pain” should be minimal. We handle these warranty occurrences directly and assist our customers with all troubleshooting support and factory liaison efforts. Our factory contacts are like family and we can cut to the heart of the matter better than most. We’ll ensure that warranty support will be executed in the most practical manner possible, including shipping implications. We go “over and above the call of duty” and often even provide “loaner equipment” so that our customers are not without music or theater during the warranty process.

You simply will not find a business that cares more about the well being of our customers. You have our guarantee.


Travel Promotions

It’s no coincidence that The Audio Shoppe relocated to the New England area after many years of retail business in the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah area. Of course we’re biased, but there are few parts of the country that offer the degree of culture, appreciation of the music and the arts, and outdoor activities that the Boston area and New England have to offer. We’re fortunate to be situated in close proximity to the City of Boston, as well as Cape Cod, with easy access to all of New England. We’re conveniently located only 20-25 minutes from the Logan International Airport and the downtown area.


OK, so what is the relevance you ask? It’s quite simple. Take a break from your trip while in the area and come visit us for some musical relaxation.
If planning your visit in advance, give us a call to discuss your interests. Given notice we can discuss systems or products of interest and relevant promotions. We’ll ensure that the precise system of interest is assembled and “dialed in” in advance for your private audition. We look forward to meeting you!



The Audio Shoppe is pleased to assist in financing local purchases. The finest in audio and video does often represent a substantial investment with the key word being “investment”. You’re investing in the ability to recreate musical and theatrical arts in your home, making your everyday life more pleasurable. When that investment simply cannot wait, we’re here to help.

Call or visit us to discuss financing options and details.





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