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Recreating music at it’s most realistic and pleasurable potential is no small feat and not as easily accomplished as many may think. Sure, there are certainly an abundance of sources for many fine products, but are they the right products for you and is their full potential being utilized? Further, is your retailer adding value to your purchase?

At our “Philosophical Core” we are truly value oriented regardless of system price. After all, we’re all consumers at one time or another and we expect no less for our own hard earned money. Talk is cheap and all too often, we see our competition listing lines and posting “pretty pictures” of numerous product lines or systems that they have never actually had on site or realistically used. Can they really provide useful insight into those products? Can they afford to put those products on their floor? Ultimately, will they be there to help you in the years to come.

We put our put our money where our mouths are. We display and use the products that we proudly carry. We research and use those products daily, visit our manufacturers, listen to the systems at trade shows, and experiment with our systems often to ensure that we get the most out of our equipment. How else can we ensure that we make the best recommendations to our customers? When we find great products, we waste little time in bringing them in. We let you know what we think and we’ll never rest when looking for the next, great components.


We not only spend time with our own systems but can frequently be found tweaking and playing with our customers systems when new products and technologies become available. We consider our customers to be friends for life and we gladly entertain visits, telephone calls, and emails, on any and all subjects. Want to simply talk about a new artist, album, or movie you’ve just discovered? We’re doing it everyday.


                                               Please feel free to contact us anytime by calling 781.749.2999 or drop us an email.  

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