Component Trade-In Program


Anyone who has been a consumer in our industry, particularly on the audio side, will tell you that a great A/V system experience can be incredibly addictive. Once the “bug bites”, customers are often compelled to seek an even more rewarding experience. We’ve all been there!

The Audio Shoppe upgrade program was implemented to address the two primary causes of the affliction we call “upgrade-i-tis”. Generally, it is caused by either 1) limited financial means when getting started, and/or 2) an obsessive compulsion to get even more performance out of one’s system. In either case, the upgrade process can be expensive. Left to his or her own devices, the average consumer is faced with taking huge losses on his original equipment and paying full price for new gear each time he pursues an upgrade. Many turn to the internet for used options or unauthorized re-seller discounts. Unfortunately, these pursuits all too often lead to a negative experience and “horror story”.


What if we were to tell you that you could upgrade a component purchased from us and receive between 80-100 percent of your original purchase price for up to one year after your original purchase date? Not ready in a year? OK, we’ll give you as much as seventy percent of your original purchase up to two years later. We challenge you to do the math. It’s an offer you simply shouldn’t refuse!




Of course there should be more to your purchase than just the costs. Add our service and advice to your savings and your choice is clear!


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