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Welcome to The Audio Shoppe! It is our sincere hope, given this opportunity to introduce ourselves, that we convey the essence of our passion for bringing the ultimate reproduction of musical and theatrical arts to your home. As former musicians and long time audio and video enthusiasts, we’ll approach your system objectives as few traditional retailers will.

At The Audio Shoppe, we’re not just about hardware and technology. We’re also about music and cinema. Our objective is to provide systems that transport you to another time or place. We’re about creating goose bumps and making you smile.
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When asked about our business and the state our industry, my most common response typically begins with a version of a well known Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, as applied to the status of technology and the musical arts, we certainly do live in interesting times! Add to this the ways in which we shop and purchase products, and it only reinforces that our culture is rapidly changing.

You may be telling yourselves right about now that this is sounding more like an editorial than a typical retail sales pitch. You may be correct, but then we believe the subject is critical to better understanding our store and business philosophy.

The Audio Shoppe is distinguished by perhaps one of the most unique and diverse backgrounds that you will find in audio. Our audio roots were established in the 60s while playing with our parents’ massive audio consoles and radios. The music of the 50s and 60s engulfed us first hand. At the same time, several of us studied to be musicians learning the fundamentals laid down for us by big band swing music, classical music, Mississippi delta blues, musical genres brought to America by the inflow of foreign cultures and, of course, rock n’ roll. When we weren’t playing music, we were listening to it on whatever equipment we could find. Enter the audio “bug” and the influence of yesteryear’s friendly “neighborhood HiFi shop”!

In these years, the cultural emphasis on music fueled the audio industry and launched the high fidelity consumer market. Simply put, the audio market dwarfed the video industry. Today, this scenario could not be more different. Music and musical tastes have changed, the associated media used to access that music has changed, and the proliferation of consumer electronic products of all types has “exploded”. Does this mean that we are biased toward the past, or that today’s music does not warrant the best in audio equipment for its reproduction. Absolutely not! In fact, we think quite the opposite is true.

The ability of audio gear to access and reproduce the extraordinary music of all eras, including today’s music, has never been more exciting. Further, we embrace any and all methods of listening to music, regardless of budget or taste. The more important objective to us is to reemphasize the beauty of music and encourage the rewards of listening to music at it’s finest.





To this end, our additional credentials in engineering, manufacturing, and business assist us in understanding and embracing the finest in technology and quality products available in these exciting times. We understand the technology and can explain why products work as they do or why they’re made as they are. Truth be told, we want to know the stories behind our products or companies. It’s all part of our desire to know all that we can so our customers don’t have to.

Unfortunately, not all is right in the world of today’s audio and video retail industry, however. At the core of our disappointment is the quality of the purchase experience that many consumers are subjected to. We hear the stories daily. Gone is the friendly and inviting culture of “yesteryears’ neighborhood hifi shop”. All too often, today’s shops are chasing consumers away or imposing their will without genuinely considering the buyers’ needs or desires. Perhaps these shops are not really “about the music” but rather “about the bottom line”.

Frankly, The Audio Shoppe was founded because of my fundamental passion for audio and the fact that many consumer needs were not being addressed by the market place. Our clients are encouraged to visit, listen to music, and discuss the latest in gear, without the pressure to make a purchase. You’ll be greeted with a smile and a common interest in enjoying music and video. Our clients are encouraged to ask questions, spend time with us, and experience the sensation of audio at it’s finest. It often takes more than five or ten minutes to find the best match for our clients so spend some time with us. A hastily purchased system will be gathering dust in no time. We want you to enjoy your system each and every day for years to come.

Come visit us. Let us show you just what makes “these times” in audio and video so interesting!

Paul Manos, Owner





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